More miles, less maintenance.

Though technologically advanced and feature packed, the Renegade siblings are easy to maintain. Below is the service schedule for your Renegade Siblings

  • ServiceDurationCharges
  • 1st service1000 kms / 1st monthFree
  • 2nd service3000 kms/ 3rd monthPaid
  • 3rd service6000 kms / 6th monthFree
  • 4th service9000 kms/ 9th monthPaid
  • 5th service12000 kms/ 12th monthFree
  • 6th service15000 kms/ 15th monthPaid
  • 7th service18000kms / 18th monthFree
  • 8th service21000 kms/ 21st monthPaid
  • 9th service24000kms/ 24th monthPaid